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Venue, travel and accommodation


The ESWC Summer School 2012 will take place from May 21st (morning) to midday May 26th, 2012 in Kalamaki, a small coastal village about 70 km from Heraklion, in the south of Crete, approximately one hour’s drive from the airport. Nikos, a local to Kalamaki will take care of your transportation from the airport to Hotel Kostas where you will be staying. You should have already received an email from him. If you have not replied yet please let him know when you would like to be picked up using the email: info@kalamaki.com.gr. The cost of the taxi (for 1-4 passengers) from the airport to Kalamaki is 70 Euros.

For those not using taxis please head to the Hotel Kostas. Kalamaki is a very small village so you can´t miss it.

Please be advised to bring all the CASH that you will require for the week as there is no cash machine in the village and the closest one not reachable by foot.



Travel to the island of Crete

There are three international airports: Heraklion airport, Akrotiri airport close to Chania and Sitia airport. For international flights you will usually have to fly via Athens, except for charter flights or a few companies that fly directly to Crete. Another way to travel from Athens is by ferry from Pireas, the port of Athens.

There are daily flights to Crete from all major cities in Greece and from many European cities as well. The closest airport to the conference site is the Heraklion international airport, 5 km from the city of Iraklio, the largest city in Crete. International delegates may need to fly through Athens, which is serviced by all major airlines. Flights from Athens to Heraklion are approximately 50-60 minutes. Flights from London to Heraklion are 3 hours 45 minutes


It is also possible to travel to Crete by ferry from Pireas, the port of Athens. The trip takes approximately 9 hours on standard ferries and 6 hours on the high-speed Knossos Palace and Festos Palace (of the Minoan Lines fleet). An overnight ferry from Pireas, Athens will arrive in Iraklio, Crete between 5:00 and 6:30 in the morning (departing approximately 19:00).
Each ship offers very good standards of accommodation in Luxury First and Second class cabins, most with private toilet and shower. Every ship also offers a deck class offering aircraft type seats.

More information on Ferries, please click here.

Travel on the Island (prices from December 2008)

  • Taxi: around € 102,00; € 1,50/km
  • Bus and taxi from the airport: € 4,80 from Iraklio to Mires, then taxi to Kalamaki. Mires is approximately 20 km away from Kalamaki. A bus schedule is available at http://www.cretetravel.com/Bus_schedules/
  • Rental cars: from € 35,00 per day, petrol € 0,93/Liter, Diesel € 0,95/Liter